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A New Life Journey Begins…

If you have made it to this website, you have likely heard about the tragic automobile accident that happened early December 23rd involving the Barhorst family while on their trip to celebrate the Holidays with family & friends.

This site has been set up as a way to not only keep family and friends up-to-date on the progress the Barhorst kids are making in their recovery, but also as a place to share loving memories of Scott and Michele.

Feel free to post a comment if you would like, leave a message in the guestbook, or just follow along the posts to keep yourself updated through this journey.

This site is able to take donations online, or you may send donations to :

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A Fun Afternoon

This past Sunday, Nancy’s friend, Pat, paid a visit to the house.  She brought some special visitors with her.  These visitors were puppets that Pat uses in various shows.  We all had a great time using the puppets!  Thanks, Pat!!

A Very Exciting Step

Hailie is now able to start bearing weight on her legs!  On Sunday, she showed us just how well she is starting to put weight on her legs and taking a few steps.  This is definitely a step we have been waiting for and has come much sooner than we ever thought!  The power of prayer is unlimited, and God has heard the prayers for these girls.


Tori suffered a broken leg, collar bone, and ribs from the accident.  She also had a laceration to her liver and spleen.  Her injuries were the least severe of the three girls, and Children’s was able to place her in a regular room the same day.  Tori’s leg had rods placed in it, which they hope to keep in for six months.  Ten days following the accident, Tori was released and headed home.  There, she began physical therapy on her leg. She was given permission to begin bearing weight on her leg a few short weeks later.  Last week, Tori began attending school again and continues to use her walker to help her get around.  She enjoys school but is also looking forwards to being able to go camping with her grandpa and grandma this summer.


Hailie received the most serious injuries of the four children.  Her legs were crushed and had to be pieced back together through multiple surgeries.  She also had her mandible broken, which resulted in her jaw needing to be wired.  Along with broken bones, she also had some severe lacerations.  One of those lacerations ran along her jawline and face.  She also had a laceration to her spleen, which has healed.  Hailie was in the hospital for sixteen days before being released by Children’s.  She left the hospital with one leg in a halo and the other with a traction bar.  She is now being home-schooled by Celina Schools until she is able to return to the classroom.  Her favorite subject is math.  One exciting step Hailie took was this past week, as she returned to Children’s to have her halo and bar removed.  She was all smiles that day and was allowed to keep her pins to show to others, which she did very proudly.  One thing that Hailie is looking forwards to is camping this summer with her Grandpa and Grandma Barhorst.  Amazingly, we have learned that Hailie may not require as many surgeries on her legs as first thought.  All the prayers that have been sent up have been heard and God has blessed her in the healing process.


Tyler was in the backseat of the vehicle and was ejected from the force of the impact.  He received a fractured neck and was sent to The Atrium Hospital. They placed him in a neck/chest brace.  He was released just a few days following the accident, but had to be very cautious.  Fortunately, Tyler was able to attend the funeral mass.  After two months, the doctors gave the okay to switch to just a soft neck brace.  He will have to wear this brace for a month.  Tyler is now living with his mother in Indiana.  He just got the okay to finish high school online.  One wonderful thing we learned this past week is that Tyler’s desire to enlist in the Army may still be possible.


Following the accident, Logan had upper and lower body injuries.  She had a broken leg and fractured pelvis.  The leg had a rod put into place.  Her upper body injuries consisted of both arms being broken as well as her shoulder, wrist, and elbow.  Her left arm was casted, while her right arm was placed in a sling.  10 days following the accident, Logan was released from Children’s hospital and began her physical therapy at home.  On January 18, Logan returned to Children’s to have the pins in her shoulder removed. She also received the okay to begin bearing weight on her legs. Logan then took another step forward as she returned to school about 3 weeks ago.  Her favorite subjects are math and social studies.  Over this summer, Logan is looking forwards to swimming at the pond while camping with Grandpa and Grandma Barhorst.


This week, my goal is to provide an update on each child.  I know many people continue to ask how everyone is healing and what the they are doing now.  The kids have come a very long way healing from their physical injuries and trying to adjust to their new journeys.

School Days

Today saw two of the girls heading to school.  Tori officially headed back to school today with Logan.  The girls are attending school on a half-day basis right now.  Tori’s first day back went well, and Logan is enjoying school as well.

Giving the Braces the Bump

On Friday, Hailie will have the braces on her legs removed!  She is so very excited to have this done.  The doctors will also be taking a look at how her legs are healing to decide what step will come next.  All of your prayers have been heard as her legs have showed wonderful signs of healing.  The doctors, as well as us, are hoping that surgery may not even be needed.  Updated pictures will be on the way. I have a feeling Hailie will be wearing a very big smile on them!!